Wall of records – Country Music Hall of Fame® & Museum. Photo by Gary Layda.
Wall of records – Country Music Hall of Fame® & Museum. Photo by Gary Layda.


The Music Council is an association to heighten the awareness and continue the development of Nashville as THE global Music City through insuring a vibrant and creative, life-style/work environment friendly to the needs of the Artistic and its supportive business Community.

A partnership between the Nashville Mayor's Office, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau.

In 2009, Mayor Karl Dean and a handful of industry leaders conceived a new forum dedicated to growing and diversifying Nashville’s world-wide reputation as Music City. More than 40* of the city’s veteran music business people and artists, plus selected new generation entrepreneurs, were invited to pool their resources and personal networks to investigate obstacles and opportunities for all aspects of the entertainment business, including creative enterprises, publishing, artist development, technology, media and support/logistics. The conversation and action that resulted marks the most dynamic effort in Nashville’s history to cooperatively raise the level of activity and opportunity for all. Other cities have created music commissions to cultivate their nascent music sectors, but Nashville’s is the only one with the advantage of seven decades of worldwide music leadership and a per capita involvement in music business that leads the nation by a huge margin. The Council aims to make Nashville the most attractive city in the world for anyone engaged in any kind of music to locate their business.

Co-Chairs: Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and Randy Goodman

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